Saturday, 4 August 2007

Day Visitors

Whilst 40,000 people are able to live the Jamboree everyday, some just visit for a single look around. But they are all enjoying the Jamboree experience.

As part of the project to make the Jamboree experience open to all some 60,000 additional day visitors have been booked in for a day visit.Cubs from 4th Worth (Kenue) in West Sussex decided to make the visit a central part of their summer camp and they’ve not been disappointed. “It was a really good decision, the Cubs have had a truly wonderful day and experiencing it, seeing it and feeling it has been well worth the time and effort because not only have we packed in a day full of activities that we could never had hoped to lay on but we’ve garnered enough programme ideas and contacts to give our programme a international dimension for the next ten years” explained Leader Pauline Moore

The Cubs are equally enthused. As 10 year old Jack Vincent emerges from with yet another completed quiz inside the Honduran tent on world villages, you see a smiling face brimming with new ideas: “I’ve just learnt about the food they eat and tasted it, that’s unbelievable for me, I never even knew the country existed until I came here.

Jack has by now collected 12 stamps and stickers from various different tents but is off to see the Daily show in the main arena. “I’m coming back though; I haven’t been on the funfair rides”. Not funfair rides exactly but the Swedish hand built Viking ship and Ferris wheel.

All the Cubs stick together for lunch taken while the stage show is on, it seems the most practical way of getting them to stop and slow down for an hour. But it’s only temporary respite in the race to get round the sights they can see.

Having wandered through the international tents the Cubs get a chance to play some more traditional games, a group of Indonesian Scouts drift over to join in with them playing croquet on the lawn, they may be used to it but the Indonesians certainly aren’t so Jack and his team are delighted to put one over them.

The Indonesians might have been defeated but that doesn’t stop them helping the clubs identify their flag – one of a series of challenges the Leaders have set for them.

There’s just time for a quick tour of the souvenir shop before they have to depart. Pauline calls later with a message: “Thanks for showing us around, I’m not sure when I last went on a coach with this many sleepy Cubs. We’ll all get some decent rest in tonight. And I’m really hopeful that in the future these Cubs will want the full Jamboree experience, not just in Sweden but beyond that as well.

”But I’m still not sure if Jack ever got his ride on the Ferris wheel

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