Sunday, 5 August 2007

The road to the Jamboree

A BBC documentary following the story of two World Scout Jamboree participants, one from Africa and one from the UK, will be screened several times over the next week on BBC1 and BBC News 24.

A filmcrew flew to Mafikeng, the site of the famous siege in 1899-1900 where Baden-Powell defended the town during the Boer War, to interview Scouts there and to film them preparing for the adventure of their lives.

Although the area is famous for its military history, this time the story is about peace, development opportunities and global understanding. There are four Jamboree participants from Mafikeng, some of whom have never left the area.

They are being funded by money raised in Africa and many are from underpriveliged backgrounds. Of the 200 Jamboree participants from South Africa - 70 have almost nothing.

The filming continued this week at the Jamboree site at Hylands Park, Essex, when the UK and Mafikeng participants met. The moving tale of their meeting will be screened several times on BBC1 and News 24.

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