Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Message continues to spread

Whilst most of the Jamboree were sleeping the rest of the UK were continuing to be told about the impact of the Jamboree and the preparations for the Sunrise Ceremony.

Chief Scout Peter Duncan spent two hours talking to 26 BBC Local Radio stations during a marathan session known as GNS.

The GNS systems gives interview slots in ten minutes sections and from one central location, Scouting is able to talk to the entire world.

Assistant Director of Communications Simon Carter said: "These are a hugely effective way of spreading the message about our work. Armed with local knowledge Peter was able to tell each station about their areas plans and this helps the local media development manager when they are trying to get localised coverage."

Peter literally went the length and breadth of the country and it's exhausting work listening to - so I've no idea what it's like to actually do! It must be incredibly hard work. But the prize is worth the sacrifice and hopefully we are able to support Counties with their own positive coverage later on in the week.

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