Monday, 6 August 2007

Wow - what a ride!

One thing that makes this jamboree unique is the enormous choice of games and workshops people can experience in World Village, Terra Ville and Aqua Ville. There is even a whole cinema scouts from Austria brought along. But itís not a normal cinema.

You take a platform of about 700 kilos, 4 automobile springs and equipment of about 1.5 tons in total, a movie about Austria and 10 committed Austrians. And what you get is a cinema experience for all senses.

Imagine you are in a cinema and you could feel the movement and sense the smells of the pictures on screen. SenseAction cinema makes it possible. It was great. This cinema is different with all the movement and smells. The concept is very good. Well Done!, said one of the participants of the jamboree, Luke McMaster from Bedfordshire, after enjoying a ride.

On the moving platform there are 18 seats and the crew of 10 crazy Austriansí offer 10 rides a day, each lasting for almost half an hour. The run on the tickets is enormous. Every day we are booked out in about a quarter of an hour. So we hand out tickets for the times for each presentation, explained Thomas Gassner.

The cinema has been on tour on national camps in Austria from 2001 onwards. So they wanted to have it at the jamboree at any price. Even the film was edited especially for this occasion (almost) all by them. We wanted to make a film about Austria. So we took the usual stereotypes and cliches and tried to overdo them in a satirical way. And I think we have made a great job because people laugh at the right timesî, announced Florian Edlhofer, the creator of the film.

Every day I go to bed, totally exhausted but with a smile on my face because I made so many children happy, groaned Berhard Br¸ckl after he gave everything jumping up and down the bars to make the whole platform move to the pictures.

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