Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The end is in sight

There is one day left of this amazing Jamboree. On the 8th of August after the closing, all the scouts need to go home.

“I’ll miss this Jam a lot, especially the atmosphere cause everybody is helpful and nice, always asking how I’m doing.” said Yaelle Jacobs, 15, Belgium. Some people want to stay forever. Roos van Zeggelen, 14, Netherlands says with an unhappy face, “It’s a shame that everything is going so fast, we had two years of preparation and it’s almost over.

” Liesbeth Spiessens, 16, Belgium agrees and adds: “There are actually two sides, because I’d like to stay but I’d also like to go home. I miss the amount and taste of Belgium food. ” The most beautiful memory for them will be the amazing number of different people who do scouting. “We look as one, although we are with 40,000

” Fortunately there are two full days left to enjoy. Zablon Samba, 16, from Kenya has made 300 friends, and he still thinks it’s not enough. “I’m going to make more friends; we’re here with 40.000, so I’ll be very busy these days.

” He learned a lot from this Jamboree about the different cultures in the global village, and played many new games at world villages. He enjoyed making clay woggles and scarfs of recycled materials with the scouts in Kenya too, as he saw at Trash. He’d also like to give a presentation and teach about AIDS, if he has time left. “BP said: “Have fun in this jolly world” so that’s the thing I’m going to do for certain.

” Exchanging badges is the thing Pok-him Ho,14, from Hong Kong likes to do these days. “I also want to visit Hylands House.” He likes it here at the Jamboree, also because the “air is cleaner than in Hong Kong.

” The parents of Rens van Grunsven, IST, will come to visit the Jamboree. “It’s true that this Jamboree is almost finished, but others will come and enjoy it too. Till the end of this one, it surely will be fun.” The Jamboree draws to a close, but everyone has happy memories to look back on, new friends to keep in touch with and has the best scout quote ever…

I was there at the 21st World Scout Jamboree! So there is no need to be disheartened.

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