Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Sunrise marks our 100th birthday

The dawn of a new day signals the start of a new century for Scouting.

At 8am on August 1st 1907 Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting movement opened the world's first ever scout camp, on Brownsea Island, by sounding his Kudu horn three times. One hundred years later, and the UK Chief Scout, Peter Duncan, was there to blow his Kudu horn three times to mark the beginning of the Worldwide Scouting Sunrise.

Throughout the different time zones, Scouts from around the world renewed their Scout Promise at exactly 8am to mark the centenary of the opening camp.

Meanwhile, at the World Scout Jamboree in Hylands Park, UK, 40,000 scouts were treated to a fantastic sunrise ceremony. Brownsea Island and the Jamboree were linked via live satellite as Peter Duncan led the renewal of the Scout Promise.

The Jamboree then watched as doves were released on stage, and thousands of coloured balloons were launched in to clear blue skies over Chelmsford.

Then, to the sound of music and dancing, scouts began collecting signatures on their yellow 'sunrise' scarfs from those around them - another opportunity to meet new friends and share a common aim.

A whole day of celebrations and activities are planned, culminating in 'Gifts for Peace' concert on the main stage in the evening.

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