Friday, 3 August 2007

A Free Hug!

At the jamboree, you can see a lot of signs which say things such as “Free Hug,” or “Hug Me!” I am very surprised and a little bit shocked because I never see these things in Taiwan.

In most eastern countries, for example Taiwan and Japan, people are usually shy and introvert. Perhaps it is formal or just a kind of culture, but I believe that it makes us always be polite and we hardly hug the people who aren’t our relatives.

This is a new challenge for me, and also for other Taiwanese. Before I came here, I couldn’t have imagined it and I certainly would never have tried it. But after I saw a lot of people hugging, I saw them laugh and look happy, and I felt like having a go.

Finally, I went and hugged the person who was holding the sign. People around us all hugged together. I started to laugh and I understood the magic inside hugs, inside “Free Hug!”

This might be crazy in my country, but I believe they will like it after they try, so next time, perhaps I will be the one who is holding the sign in Taiwan!

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sirwinstonslinky said...

Your story made my day and made me smile. Carry a hug home from the jamboree in your heart and you will always feel like smiling!

Many sincere wishes for a happy, healthy and fun life!

From your scouting friends,